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  • Over 1,500 Canadians have opted to use Surgical Tourism Canada for successful surgeries in at least 16 various disciplines. Established in 2005, we are credited with the unique privilege of helping hundreds of our clients receive prompt, expert, affordable high quality medical attention and compassionate care at our JCI accredited facilities.
  • We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated organization.  We look after YOUR healthcare  needs and interests.
  • Surgical Tourism Canada is Canada’s largest, most trusted and most experienced Medical and Surgical Tourism service provider.
  • Helping Canadians get a quicker solution towards pain free happy lives with advanced medical treatments is our goal.
  • Affordable diagnostic and surgical procedures in our world class partner facilities without any agonizing delays is possible!
  • Comprehensive follow up care in Canada after return is recommended and we assist with arrangements.
  • We do not cut corners, we do not advertise cheap packages, we offer a complete, comprehensive TOP QUALITY service from start to finish ONLY AT OUR  JCI ACCREDITED PARTNER FACILITIES.  We are healthcare professionals!  On returning to Canada after treatment we arrange regular follow ups with local physicians. We are the  official Canadian representatives of the Apollo Hospitals Group and the Fortis Healthcare Group and ARIZONA DOPPLER SPECIALISTS, TUSCON MEDICAL CENTRE & SAGUARO  SURGICAL, USA

Surgical Tourism Canada aims to provide timely access to medical services for Canadian patients waiting for elective surgery. We help enable them pain free life, and in many cases an earlier return to work. Delivery of health services is arranged in World Class JCI accredited hospitals. We will help you find surgery in any location that meets our rigid standards but most frequently people are travelling to India, USA, and Mexico.
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The Physicians and Surgeons we work with are highly qualified and are credentialed either in the USA, Europe or Canada. Our associate hospitals are amongst the largest and most trusted, JCI accredited health service providers in the world. They have served millions of patients from around the globe.
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