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  Medical tourism: The world is your hospital Aug 2008

  STC IN THE NEWS    Click here to read article



   Around the world to a better back July 2008

   STC IN THE NEWS    Click here to read article



   Medical tourism: Sun, sand and stitches

   STC client featured in this article.

   April 2008  STC IN THE NEWS  Click here to read article



   A warm getaway and a new hip Sick of waiting for

    surgery, Nova Scotians go abroad to get relief from

    their suffering 2008  STC IN THE NEWS

   click here to read article



    Obesity surgery to reduce stomach can cure

    diabetes in many overweight patients  January 2008

      Click here to read article


    STC has touched the lives of many Canadians by providing this

     surgical procedure in an affordable and timely manner

     view CBC News article about our Client's life changing experience

    view our client's testimonial

    listen to "Live at the Apollo, hosted by Michael Enright CBC Radio 1



    Patient wait times costing economy $14.8B, By

    Avis Favaro, CTV News  January 2008

    Click here to read article 



    Surgical Tourism Canada Inc's client featured in the

    news item by Avis Favaro, CTV News, January 2008

   Click here to watch video  STC IN THE NEWS



    Excerpts form an Article about out of Country

    Surgeries featuring STC and Its client. January 2008 

   click here to read    STC IN THE NEWS



     Canadian doctors overworked, unable to meet patients'

     needs: survey  January 2008  click here to read



   Garden City woman flies to India to end back pain

   Medical tourism called alternative to Canadian care

     October 2007   Click here to read   STC IN THE NEWS



    A scalpel and a willing doctor: the new tourist 

    attraction  Doug Ward , CanWest News Service

      October 2007    Click here to read   STC IN THE NEWS



    Wait Times

    Sometimes excruciating pain can crush a person.

    But some times it can make them strong enough to

    fight back. That is what happened to a woman in

    Ottawa.  STC client featured. October 2007......

       Click here to listen       STC IN THE NEWS



    Saskatoon man opts for hip surgery overseas

   click here to read  September 2007  STC IN THE NEWS



    Dollar parity sends surgeries to the U.S

    Click here to read  September 2007  STC NEWS



    How far for a miracle?

   She beat the odds; Walkerton-area mom back from

   India hospital happy to be free from cancer symptoms

    September 2007...... click here to read article   STC IN THE NEWS



    Hard questions about medicare......Click here to read

    Aug 2007   STC IN THE NEWS



    Desperate search for care ....Click here to read

   The question of private or public health care is not a

   debate for the Walkerton-area Cooke family.




   STC featured by the Australian Broadcasting


      August 2007  Click here to listen STC IN THE NEWS



   STC expands to provide services in Mexico  June 2007




   Labrador woman found her own way to beat the

   surgery wait times  May 2007  STC IN THE NEWS




    See the Taj Mahal, have some surgery, Diane Francis,

   Financial Post, May 2007  STC IN THE NEWS



    "Kitchner Man walks again after back surgery in India"

        April 2007  STC IN THE NEWS



    "Some fed-up patients choosing surgery overseas"

    CTV News, April 2007 STC IN THE NEWS



     "Live at the Apollo": Medical adventures in Southern

      India. A radio documentary for The Sunday Edition

      featuring STC and its patients, CBC Radio One

      April 2007 STC IN THE NEWS


       Article by Stirling faux about Surgical Tourism

      Canada  April 2007  Click here to read    STC IN THE NEWS




     BC Business Magazine features Surgical Tourism

     Canada April 2007 - STC IN THE NEWS



     Apollo Hospitals, Chennai helps two Canadians walk

     again March 2007 - PRESS RELEASE



     "Medical tourism boosted by long wait times",

     EMBASSY- Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly

     March 2007 - STC IN THE NEWS



     CBC National Correspondent, David Gutnick's report in

     the Sunday Edition on STC patient March 2007

         STC IN THE NEWS



     "Crossing borders: Canadians going abroad for 

     healthcare". STC President & CEO, Yasmeen Sayeed

     invited to speak at Munk Centre for International

      Studies, University of Toronto   March 2007




     "Back patients waiting years for treatment": study   February 2007



     Ontario Government to review out-of-country health

     coverage program. Click on text to read



     "CMA calls for national solution to medical tourism"

       CBC NEWS, February 2007

    "Panel orders Ontario to pay for hip surgery"

     The Globe & Mail  February 2007 - STC IN THE NEWS



    "Demand Growing for Surgical Tourism" News 1130

        January 2007- STC IN THE NEWS



    Flight Centre Signs Agreement With Surgical Tourism  

    Canada to Become Exclusive Preferred Travel Provider

      Open Jaw, January 2007- STC IN THE NEWS



     Flight Centre signs agreement with Surgical Tourism

     Canada to become exclusive preferred travel provider

       January 2007 - PRESS RELEASE



      Yasmeen Sayeed, President & CEO of STC was

     interviewed by CFUN 1410 on the Nik & Val show on

     Surgical Tourism titled "Find out what the latest  

     trend in surgery  may surprise you!" . Radio clip

     will be available shortly. January 2007- STC IN THE NEWS



      STC CEO Yasmeen Sayeed, interviewed by AM940,

      Montreal to discuss out of country surgical options

     for Canadians. Click to listen - Part 1  Part 2

        January 2007    - STC IN THE NEWS


      "Waiting-times failure a worry, Clement says"

      THE GLOBE AND MAIL, November, 2006



        The Epoch Times   

      "Canadians Seeking Medical Treatment in the

      Developing World",THE EPOCH TIMES  November,

          2006 - STC IN THE NEWS



      "Canada gets poor marks in international health   

      survey of doctors, YAHOO NEWS, November, 2006



          Medical Tourism Revisited, THE GLOBALIST

      October, 2006  


      "Patients without borders"

      STC & STC Patients featured in the November issue

      of CHATELAINE November, 2006  - STC IN THE NEWS



      Medicare fails local woman, THE DAILY COURIER

          September, 2006- STC IN THE NEWS



      Healing holidays growing more common




      STC opens its 4th office in Toronto,ON  

          September, 2006- PRESS RELEASE 



      The world of healthcare, BURNABY NEWSLEADER

          August, 2006- STC IN THE NEWS



      Company Promises Faster Access To Medical  

      Care & Vacation Outside Canada, CITY TV

          August, 2006- STC IN THE NEWS



      STC featured in the Vancouver Sun

      "Engaging a new colossus"  THE VANCOUVER SUN

           Aug, 2006- STC IN THE NEWS



      STC adds Home Care support to it's

      list of services  June 22, 2006- PRESS RELEASE



      STC offers easy financing option - PRESS RELEASE    

      June 8, 2006



      The Daily Courier

      April 28,2006- STC IN THE NEWS



      STC partners with US hospital  - PRESS RELEASE

      February 2006



      STC signs a  strategic partnership with

      Wockhardt Hospitals, India   - PRESS RELEASE

      January 2006



      "Sun, Sand and Surgery" STC featured in the

       READER'S DIGEST November 2005- STC IN THE NEWS



      STC and Apollo Hospitals, India sign

      strategic alliance June 2005 - PRESS RELEASE  



      "Agency lobbies for surgery in India" 




       "Your Health with Dr. Rhonda Low"

       CTV NEWS Transcripts- STC IN THE NEWS



      India, CBC News online

      CBC NEWS June 18,2004