STC Client Testimonials

We at STC are humbled and privileged to have touched the lives of hundreds of people by enabling them to receive timely healthcare services which were denied to them and also help them regain their lives, lifestyle and dignity. We have published a few testimonials out of the many we have received. We thank our clients for taking time to write to us.


October 2008


body contouring and Liposuction


Our Client from Washington State, USA, underwent a successful body contouring and Liposuction procedure at The Amerimed American Hospitals, San Jose, Mexico.

He is satisfied with the outcome and is making a good recovery.


September 2008


Orthopedic Surgical Plate Removal


Our client from Edmonton, Alberta underwent a Orthopedic Surgical Plate removal from his arm. The surgery although available in Alberta is not considered "life Threatening" despite the patient's pain and discomfort. This procedure was done at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai India.



August 2008


Quantum Bio Feedback


Our Client from Vancouver underwent a complete Quantum Bio-feedback Assessment by Dr. Hermina Chavez of The Queen Mary Holistic Centre, Philippines. Treatment has commenced to control a number of anomalies found.


"Thank you STC for suggesting and arranging this eye opening test. I never imagined the results of the test. I am in my second month of treatment and I feel healthier and my symptoms are fast disappearing"


S.S, Vancouver, BC



July 2008


Spinal Surgery



In wheel chair with Son               At the Airport before Surgery

before surgery


     After Surgery with her Surgeon, Dr. Sajan K Hegde

My name is Patricia Melo, I am a 33 year old wife and mother of 2 wonderful boys.

In 2004 I was in an automobile accident that left me with severe back pain. Leaving me in such agonizing pain that I was heavily medicated and in a hunched over position for  years before having surgery in India at the Appollo Hospital

It took almost a year to finally get an MRI where it was discovered that I had a bulge in the disc and then I was put on a waiting list to see a surgeon. To then be seen a year after that and only be disappointed with the outcome of the appointment.

"Surgery was NOT an option" at that point. I was a high risk candidate, and there after was nearly next to impossible to get a second opinion.  

Feeling devastated and disgusted in Canada's medical system I was lucky to find another resource, SURGICAL TOURISM CANADA.

This is my testimonial.

It has been 3 months since surgery and am feeling WONDERFUL!!

I thought that I might share  my experience of having to have gone all the way to....India for surgery.
In despair I had gone from using a cane to now not being completely immobile. I was in a wheel chair, and in excruciating pain.

I left here February 17,2008. I was desperate and in agony. Doped up with so many types of narcotics including a couple different dosage's of morphine.
The flight there was petty much a blurr thank heavens. The pain and torture was about to be over is what I kept thinking the whole journey there.

Reaching India in the wee early hours of the morning on February 18,2008. I was wheeled out where I  had my name on a board held by the driver taking me to my destination...Apollo Hospital. This had all been taken care of by the Surgical Tourism Company who had made all arrangements for my procedure. 
 I was registered and settled in my hospital room in the Apollo Hospital in Chennai India. Ward L room 4004. Where I was greeted by friendly nursing staff at 3:15 in the morning!
They then documented  of all my existing medication that I had brought there with me and was taking on an hourly bases. After all was noted I was then weighed, and measured in height which was inaccurate due to the fact that I could not stand upright. My blood pressure and heart rate we also taken. Then I was left to rest until the morning.
That morning had come and I was still taking my regular meds. that I had brought from Canada. Pain in full throttle. My body weak. I was then sent for tests.
X-rays, CT scans, MRI, blood work, I was monitored and my medication was then adjusted. My nurses were there for me around the clock. Making sure to peek in more often then you can believe.

My Surgeon and his team met up with me to assess and take an overall diagnosis while awaiting for my results from the tests I had done in the morning.
Dr.Sajan Hegde and his team (who were deeply compassionate)came in to discuss the result of the tests and explain in my terminology what needed to be done. They then went through the procedure in such a way that I was totally fluent and crystal clear on what procedure was going to be preformed.
It was February 23,2008. The day for surgery. The nurses had come in and bathed me in preparation for this. I was ready to go to the operating room, but just before my surgeon and Two of his team members came to say hello. And to ask me if I had any questions and/ or concerns and so on. I was in the operating room when the last thing I remember was the doctor and his team comforting me, telling me that they would take good care of me.
I awoke with my surgeon Dr. Hegde and each of his team members at my bed side.
On my chest was the picture of my husband and two boys that I most treasured, a little plaque of Mary,and a couple medallions in gold of Saints, that I had been given to watch over me by close friends.
My surgeon then proceeded to ask a few questions followed by a couple of simple exercises. He asked me if I could feel him touching my feet, and toes. I smiled,
I felt my feet!!! My toes and leg that had been numb for almost 4 years. I proceeded to wiggle my toes. What a great feeling!
They then wheeled me off to recovery where I was informed that my loved ones had been called and told of the successful  surgery. They thought of everything possible to make it easy to recovery....and quickly I might add.
The first night of recovery flew by. Just 24 hours after surgery, I was able to get up out of bed. I awaited the physio therapist to give me a few tips on how I should go about this. As I had been hunched over in a bent position for almost 4 years , this was going to be difficult. Although concerned that the muscles in my stomach that  tear apart when I stood  up it was little price to pay.
I took 9 steps that day! I stood TALL and took those steps. Emotionally a wreck, I was up straight and walking!! The Doctor came in to see me where I greeted my Doctor with a  hugged. Dr. Hegde the man who had given me my life back.That was the beginning of a new start, not only for me but for those who I love.
Forty eight hours later I had brace (to help with the torn muscles in my stomach and to support my back) and was able to take a walk in the hall. I was ecstatic, well on my way to recovery. No comparison in pain that I had endured to previously at all. This was actually manageable.
Exactly ten days after surgery , and I was getting my staples removed, so that later on that day I would be headed home. I am discharged by my surgeon and given all documents pertaining to my visit to India, and the surgery performed at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India.
And all made possible because of  Surgical Tourism Canada. The ever so efficient and compassionate founder Yasmeen Sayeed , who had followed my progress the entire time.

I was blessed to have found this resource. Surgical Tourism Canada who took care of ALL the details. My transportation, paperwork, food, phone calls ,appointments etc. Yasmeen whom I personally dealt with Yasmeen Sayeed, the Founder and CEO of  Surgical Tourism who was amazing! Answering every question imaginable that I had. She was a great support.

The treatment that I was given while I was there in India was just AMAZING!  The nurses and staff  are just so competent and caring, and try their hardest to make you feel comfortable. They went above and beyond any expectations that one could have !
It was so refreshing to be treated with such efficiency, compassion, competence and respect at the Appollo Hospital. By Staff and Doctors alike. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to  Dr. Sajan Hegde and his team, all staff at the Appollo Hospital and of course to Mr. Jithu head of International Patients and his staff for such great personal attention.

Yasmeen thank-you for all your patience and support through my whole ordeal. You helped make this experience an unforgettable one, from keeping my family posted with updates on my recovery to making sure I was not feeling alone. You are surely an angel here on earth.

And lastly but certainly not least. I would like to thank my parents, family and friends. For all their support and prayers. But would like to send my greatest thanks to my husband Joe for all the encouragement and support at the roughest of times.
I am forever grateful to you all.
Attached are  a few photos so that you are able to see the BEFORE and AFTER and the huge impact and changes to my life with the help of STC and the Great Doctor and his staff.

I welcome all questions, if I can be of any help please
do not hesitate to contact me. I am more then happy to share.

Warmest Regards,
Patricia Melo
(905) 547-6427 


May 2008


Bilateral Knee Replacement


I am extremely thankful to Yasmeen Sayeed and her team at STC for enabling me to undergo  this surgery at one of the most finest hospitals, the Apollo Hospital in Chennai. I was very well looked after and the surgeons were awesome.

My post operative recovery at the beach resort was simply fantastic. Thank you, Thank You!!


J.J  Nova Scotia



April 2008


Dental Veneers and Cosmetic Surgery

The packaged price for my Dental work was worked out by Surgical Tourism Canada ( ) and I highly recommend it.  All the work was covered with liability insurance for your peace of mind. They got me deals I could not have gotten on my own and I went right to the front of the line, no waiting.  The trip was completely hassle-free.  I was picked up at the hotel and everything was ready when I walked into the dentist’s office.  All those who worked on my teeth were certified dentists. In Vancouver, you pay more and typically assistants and hygienists take care of you.

Before I left Vancouver for Manila, I pre arranged my dental work.  I had the appointments professionally arranged here to assure the best quality.  This avoided having to wait around once I got home and got me one of the best dentists in Manila.  For most of my vacation I stayed with family, but the first few days while visiting the dentist, luxurious hotel rooms were a part of the package.  For the price of the same work in Canada I could have had it done 7 times over in Manila. The service was fantastic with the latest equipment in a great office.

At first I thought I would save money by booking everything by myself, but it’s not worth the hassle. With Surgical Tourism Canada, everything’s taken care of.  Another benefit I found booking ahead of time with Surgical Tourism Canada is that I was granted entrance to country clubs and an assortment of mini tours all picking me up at my hotel. I also went to exclusive places I couldn’t have gone to on my own.  As part of the package plan, mini tours and fine dining arrangements were affordable and planned ahead of time. 

A cosmetic surgeon is in the same office as the dentist, which makes for convenience.  I must admit, I had a couple of little jobs done there too.  It was great. Everything was pre-arranged with STC, so I had no waiting times with professional service.

Z.C, Vancouver, BC


April 2008


Spinal Surgery


Dear Yasmeen:  Here is my testimonial I hope it serves you well as you are doing great work in helping so many people.


To whom it may concern.


I Eric Slone write this letter 3 weeks after having surgery (spinal fusion) at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai India.  I am a Canadian citizen that was compelled to seek treatment out of country due to shortcomings of Canadian health care.  This surgery, travel, and all details were taken care of by Surgical Tourism Canada a company based in Vancouver headed by Ms. Yasmeen Sayeed and assisted by her Toronto representative Ms. Valerie Alfonso.  All air travel, hotel, transfers, and food were arranged in advance in an extraordinarily efficient manner.  Surgical Tourism Canada or STC did

in fact deliver everything they claimed.  All the above went without a hitch or worry, as their system is competent, tested, and most of all caring.


I would like to offer personal testimonial to the superior care, hygiene, and efficiency of the hospital itself.  The Apollo Hospital in Chennai India is but 1 of 42 hospitals throughout India and Asia.  I personally met the founder of these hospitals on 2 occasions and found him to be a remarkable man with insights that may be adopted by Canadian Health Care 25 years from now if we are lucky.  Dr. Reddy is this man, whose philosophy involves freeing Doctors from administrative duties and allows them to do what they do treat and heal.  He values nurses as the core of hands on patient care and instills "TLC"     (tender loving care) as a key component in the treatment and healing process.  Dr. Reddy concentrates upon preventative health care, rather than treating disease after the fact.  His approach is holistic rather than treating  singular organic complaints.  These approaches to medicine are evident at all levels, from surgeons to nurses, to food and beverage, dieticians, and housekeeping personnel.  Simply put THEY ALL CARE ! They care about their jobs, performance, continuous improvement, and most of all the patient.  I have never in my life seen such efficiency and teamwork coupled with sincere care dovetail to create an outstanding medical environment.  Canadians can only hope to someday attain anything close to this in their hospitals.


I would like to close this off with personal thanks to Ms. Yasmeen Sayeed and Ms. Valerie Alfonso of STC.  Specials thanks to Dr. Sajan Hegde as well as Dr. Ashat Kumar and Dr. Karnakaran and the legion of other Doctors assisting.  Thankyou to Dr. Ravikrishna, anesthesist and all the nursing staff who performed above and beyond the call of duty. I also thank the International Patients Division Headed by Mr. Jithu Jose.   I am truly honoured

and humbled to have had the good fortune of being in the care of these great people. I would lastly like to give heartfelt thanks to my parents Harriet and Irving

Slone, their support and assistance made this all possible as well as the constant support and encouragement of my sister Anne Smith.


I welcome any inquiries regarding STC, Apollo Hospital, or any details anyone may have questions about.



Eric Slone

613 968-4033

Ameliasburgh, Ontario, Canada.


March 2008


Full Face lift with upper and lower Blepheroplasty

My experience with Surgical Tourism Canada and the medical procedures I had in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico were absolutely positive in every respect. Yasmeen has been very supportive throughout and her arrangements were delivered in a professional and timely way. From my arrival in Mexico until the day I left, the hospital and hotel staff treated me as an honored guest. I had a minor complication with an eye following surgery and the doctor visited me daily at the hotel to check it!  That is service unheard of at home! Amerimed Hospital is up to date in every respect and the staff were professional, courteous and caring.  Of course recuperating in an all-inclusive 5-star hotel on the Sea of  Cortez  with fabulous meals and unlimited room service  made this a pretty special experience.  My surgery was pain-free, I gained some new friends, and I am very happy with the results. I will be recommending Yasmeen and her company to my friends.                                             

D.M, British Columbia


February, 2008


Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)


Thank you  STC for arranging my surgery at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. I am very satisfied with the results of the surgery and I am very impressed with the Surgeon, hospital, and the staff. I will surely recommend your services to any one with out any hesitation.

Thank you once again.


P.M  Toronto, Canada


February, 2008

Dear Yasmeen/Surgical Tourism Canada 

In February 2008 I travelled with my Mother to San Jaun Del Cabo to have several cosmetic procedures done. It has now been 2.5 weeks since the surgery and already I am getting compliments on my youthful appearance even though the healing process is still incomplete. I wish to convey to you how pleased I am with the experience. I found the Amerimed Hospital to be very clean and well equipped, but it is their staff who really stand out. I found every member  both competent and confident, that they were exceptionally well trained was very evident. I did not expect such a level of care. The numerous visits from the surgeon and the attentiveness of the nursing staff was remarkable. I am still surprised at how relaxed I felt and how little pain there was. I think this was due to the treatment we received from the staff - everyone seemed truly interested in our comfort and recovery,  never had to worry about a thing.

The Crown Plaza Hotel was lovely. The room was comfortable, the food was very good and we found the service to be even better. My expectations were exceeded, I cannot thank you enough Yasmeen. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made.




H. Roelants, Langley, British Columbia


February, 2008


Multiple Lumbar Discektomy, Fusion and Stabilization


Our client from Hamilton, Ontario had a successful Multiple Lumbar Discektomy, Fusion and Stabilization surgery at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. The surgery was performed by Dr. Sajan. K Hegde and his team. Our client suffered for 5 long years in the Canadian Healthcare System was told that her back could not be corrected by surgery. This young mother and wife was hunched, used a cane and finally before traveling for surgery was wheel chair bound. After surgery, she is able to stand erect, walk and is making excellent progress. She is currently recuperating post surgery and is extremely pleased with the surgical outcome. Her testimonial in her own words will be published shortly.


February, 2008


Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)


" I feel excellent after the surgery and thank you, Yasmeen and all your staff at STC for enabling me to receive this surgery  so quickly and easily. The Surgeon Dr. Rakesh Gopal and his staff were excellent and so were the nurses who took such great care of me. My stay at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai was excellent. I will not hesitate to recommend any one to you. Thank you again Yasmeen, God Bless!"


S.M, Negombo, Sri Lanka


February, 2008


Comprehensive Master Health Check-up


Our client from Halifax underwent a comprehensive Master Health Check at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

His testimonial in his own words will be published shortly.


February, 2008


Full Face lift with upper and lower Blepheroplasty.


Our client, a 65 year old lady from BC underwent a very successful Full Face lift with upper and lower Blepheroplasty, at our partner facility, The Amerimed American Hospital in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She is currently recuperating at one of the finest 5 star beach resorts in Los Cabos, very satisfied with the outcome. Full testimonial and her experience will be published shortly.


February, 2008


Abdiminoplasty, Liposucuction and Full Face lift with upper and lower Blepheroplasty.


Our 43 year old client from BC underwent a Abdiminoplasty, Liposucuction and Full Face lift with upper and lower Blepheroplasty at our partner facility, The Amerimed American Hospital in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. She is very satisfied with the outcome and is currently recuperating at one of Cabo's finest 5 star beach resorts. Her full testimonial and her experience will be published shortly


January 2008


Bilateral Knee Replacement

"I commend you for working with such a wonderful organization like Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.  It is everything both you and Judy said it would be.  The whole experience was a pleasant one apart from the pain but that one endures anywhere.  The staff of the Apollo are so efficient, well-trained and friendly. I  have no doubt the next part of the trip will go just as smoothly since we are in your very capable hands".

L.P, Halifax, Nova Scotia

 January 2008


Gastric bypass surgery


"After waiting for three long years, to hear about a possible date for a gastric bypass surgery in Regina, I was devastated to find out that there could be further delays of up to three years . Thank you STC for making it possible for me to have this much needed surgery on such a short notice. My diabetes and hypertension levels have already started to improve and my GP is very happy with my progress".


M.W, Regina, Saskatchewan


December 2007


Spine Surgery


"Dear Yasmeen,

Recovering is going wonderful, I am still walking without pain. Most of the feeling has come back in my legs.
Hardly any need for painkillers at all.
What amazed me was that even in the iliac crest where bone was harvested I don't have any after pain anymore. The procedure Dr Hegde has used was a complete miracle.
I expected improvement, not a miracle!"
GD, Kemptville, Ontario


September 2007


How Apollo Hospitals turned my life back to normal


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August 2007


Seven days to a healthy back after seven years of agony


Our client's detailed narration of his experience

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September 2007


4th Grade Metastatic Lung Cancer  

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Our Client from Walkerton, Ontario has returned from the Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai after successful treatment for lung cancer. Our client's testimonial in her own words will be published shortly.


August 2007


Total Open Prostatectomy  


Our Client from Vancouver, British Columbia has returned from the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai after a successful Total Open Prostatectomy. He has made an excellent recovery and his testimonial will be published shortly.


July 2007


Multilevel fixation and reconstruction of the lumbar spine 


Our client from Waterloo, Ontario returned from the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai after a successful surgery and is making an excellent recovery. Client's testimonial in own words will be published shortly


July 2007


Multilevel micro disc decompression with stabilization


Our client from Winnipeg returned from the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai after a successful surgery and is making an excellent recovery. Client's testimonial will be published in own words shortly.


July 2007


1- level decompression and fusion with motion segment stabilization


Our Client from Frankford, Ontario returned from the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai after undergoing a successful surgery and is making an excellent recovery. Client's testimonial in own words will be published shortly.


July 2007


Multiple level fixation with multiple level Inter-body reconstruction 


Our client from Ottawa returned from the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai after a successful surgery and is making a great recovery. Client's testimonial will be published shortly.

July 2007


Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass 


Our client from Saskatoon has returned from the Apollo hospitals, New Delhi after undergoing a successful Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgery.

June 2007


Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Testimonial of our client, Fritz Schumann’s Experience of his Surgery in India:

I am a 49 year young male living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I had a bad left hip for many years, which deteriorated drastically since May 06. My osteoarthritis in my left hip became so bad and extremely painful that I could not walk without a cane since December 06. I had extreme constant pain. As I researched the options of possible solutions for my hip problem I decided that the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) would be the choice of surgery for me. My surgeon in Saskatoon also agreed that the BHR would be a suitable option, but the Saskatoon Health District does not allow this type of surgery to be performed. Other places within Canada where the BHR is performed had waiting lists in excess of two years and I was not willing to accept living in severe pain for that long and have my quality of life deteriorate even more. 

In my search for a solution, I met people who had very positive experiences with the BHR procedure. One of the people I met went to Chennai, India to get the procedure done. He supplied me with all his information and his personal experience. I was so impressed and researched this option. I contacted Dr. Bose, the surgeon at Apollo Speciality Hospital in Chennai, India. He reviewed my data and replied in an extremely professional, personal and warmhearted way.  Somehow I felt very excited and comfortable right away. In my heart I knew that this will be the best option for me. I had a surgery date set within 4 weeks of our correspondence. Dr. Bose sent my name to Yasmeen Sayeed, the CEO of “Surgical Tourism Canada”. Yasmeen contacted me right away in a very personal manner which made me feel very welcome and comfortable. My gut feeling made me trust her totally and she organized my whole trip from the beginning to the end. She answered all the questions and was a wonderful support. She got my visa to India, my airplane tickets, booked the hotel for my pre-surgery stay in Chennai, as well as the resort after leaving the hospital. All the ground transportation was organized. Everything was so perfectly organized, which made my trip so easy and comfortable. My spouse Andrea, who stayed behind in Saskatoon with my two young boys, and myself felt totally at ease and confident about the choice we made, that I will get my hip fixed in a foreign country. In short it was a pleasure and extreme positive experience dealing with Yasmeen. THANK YOU YASMEEN!

My experience in India was the best I ever had, starting from the pick up at the airport by Sebastian in the middle of the night and dropping me of at the very nice hotel. The next day I got admitted to the hospital in a very friendly and efficient way. I had a single temperature controlled room with automated cod, TV, laptop computer and a couch, which also serves as a bed for a companion. Everybody from the coordinator to the food service and housekeeping personal, the nurses and the doctors were extremely friendly, helpful and always had time to discuss any questions. The professional attitude and desire to be of help was unbelievable. The beautiful smile on the faces of the nurses always reconfirmed that they loved their work and wanted to be of utmost help. All the doctors and personal involved in the pre-surgical examinations were very friendly, helpful and extremely thorough and very efficient. The surgical team was exceptional. Dr. Bose spent plenty of time answering and explaining questions regarding the surgery and the procedures. He and his assistant came to visit every day with lots of time to talk; this was totally wonderful. The care in the hospital was perfect and I hoped other places I have been could learn from them. 

Five days post-surgery I went to a resort on the outskirts of Chennai to recover before returning to Canada. The beach side resort was very nice and the people were wonderful and very helpful. The whole experience, physically and mentally, was so positive and enhanced my recovery after the extremely successful outcome of my surgery by Dr. Bose. 

In my heart I knew Andrea and I made the right decision. We both knew we picked the best surgeon to fix my hip. Everyday brings a new and thankful smile to my face as I recover from my surgery that I went to India. I did not have any pain since my surgery and my quality of life improves dramatically daily. I can do activities pain free with my spouse and two wonderful boys. THANK YOU

DR. BOSE AND EVERYBODY AT APOLLO SPECIALITY HOSPITAL FOR IMPROVING MY QUALITY OF LIFE! Also thank you to all the extremely friendly and helpful people I met on my stay in India. 



Fritz Schumann, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


May 2007


Breast Enhancement and Circumferential Liposuction


Our client from Vancouver has returned back from The AmeriMed American Hospitals, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after a successful Breast Enhancement Surgery and Circumferential Liposuction procedure. She is doing very well and is happy with the surgical outcome.


May 2007


Birmingham Hip Resurfacing


Our client from Saskatoon had a successful Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai by Dr. Vijay C Bose and is extremely happy with the outcome.


May 2007


Bilateral Total Knee Replacement


For some time I knew I had to have both my knees replaced and once the decision was made to proceed with surgery I discovered two things.  In Canada, surgeons are reluctant to do bilateral knee replacements and, in my case, the wait list for one knee replacement is two years.  At this stage, waiting two more years for one knee replacement was not an option. 

I discovered Surgical Tourism Canada in my search for alternatives.  Everything about the services that the company offers, to the qualifications and certifications of the medical facilities and surgeons in India became a compelling alternative to what I faced within the health care system in Canada.  I traveled to Chennai in February for total knee replacement with all arrangements made by Surgical Tourism Canada. 

My experience at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India was amazing.  The quality of medical care I received from Dr. Suryanarayan and his team and the attention and care from the nurses and support staff was unparalleled.  The philosophy, connectivity of medical and support personnel, and the teamwork combined to create a sense of focus and healing and profound confidence in this system.

Following my surgery for bilateral knee replacements, I walked out of the hospital without any walking aids or assistance.  After spending several magical days at the Fishermans Cove Resort, I was ready to make the long haul flights back to northern Labrador on my own.  I now have two titanium knees that give me the freedom to re-engage in an active life.

"I believe that Surgical Tourism Canada has developed a service that can offer life-altering solutions because the company understands the need for alternatives to what Canadians face today in the health care system. The company’s ability to navigate a person through the medical, travel and cultural protocols seamlessly is critical and ensures that, at no point your left alone. Canadians need to know this alternative exists".

My experience showed me that a person could travel to India for medical treatment through Surgical Tourism Canada and know these true things: The company looks out for your interests, and has the know how and the means to protect your interests.  The medical care in India is superb and comprehensive.  The hospital system will overwhelm you with attention and care.  South India and the people are a treasure.


Judy Rowell, Nain, Labrador

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April 2007

Sleeve Gastroscopy 

"My surgical procedure at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai went very well. My surgeon, Dr. P. K. Reddy was great. The hospital room was very comfortable and the  quality of service at the hospital was excellent. I thank Surgical Tourism Canada for making this possible for me by coordinating and taking care of all details. Thank you for this life changing experience!"

M.H, Regina, Saskatchewan

March 2007

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

"I am so happy that I heard about your service!.  The hip is great.  Your organization is top notch. Dr. Bose and his staff did a great job.  I am going for my final checkup on Monday and expect that everything will be perfect - no swelling, good mobility, no pain, good flexibility - very happy. 

The people at Fisherman's Cove are very friendly and helpful and the facilities are first class.  Today it was very exciting to send the baby turtles into the ocean".

T.D, Edmonton, Alberta

February 2007

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

The quality of treatment and care is excellent and the co-ordination to make it happen is seamless; I Thank Surgical Tourism Canada to make this all happen so smoothly.People should know that the option to come to India for treatment is real and one to be seriously considered.

J.R  Nain, Labrador

February 2007

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass 

"I am a 45 year old woman who desired to have a gastric bypass surgery in order to loose weight. I was facing a 2 to 4 year wait to have this surgery in Canada. I researched options outside of Canada and to my surprise my best option was India. The information I gathered showed a better level of care as well better mortality and morbidity percentages. I contacted Yasmeen Sayeed at Surgical Tourism Canada and she organized my entire trip. I Traveled to India had my surgery and came home healthy and very happy. I went into this with high expectations and both Surgical Tourism Canada and Apollo Hospitals, Chennai exceeded my expectations on every level. I have already started to plan a trip next January to have a surgery to remove any excess skin. I would not hesitate to recommend this route to anyone that didn't want to wait for a surgery". 


N.K,  Kenora, Ontario 

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January 2007

Multiple Lumbar Discektomy, Fusion and Stabilization

Where do you begin when describing a miracle? , I never could have expected such quality of service and medical expertise as which was found here at Apollo Hospitals,  Chennai. I thank Surgical Tourism Canada for expertly putting together everything. Yasmeen Sayeed, the president & CEO personally organized the entire process.You cannot find this level of comfort anywhere else in the world, Apollo is blessed with the best surgeons, physicians and nurses in the world. I cannot thank Apollo all enough, Apollo has given me a second chance in life. click here to view Video testimonial

Jeff Clarke, Kitchner, Ontario

January 2007

Our Client's Comments- Post Cervical Spine Surgery

"Dear Dr. Sajan,

Now that it is almost seven months ago that I had my surgery I think I can safely say that it was a resounding success!
I probably experienced the most improvement during the last month or so.  Yes, I still experience pain on turning my head, but some days it is worse, some days better, and I had been told that this could not be changed anyway.  I have my  energy back, and am weaning myself off my collar more and more.  
I am so glad that I came to India to see you instead of listening to the negative approach of my spine surgeons here in Canada.  If ever I need another surgery (heaven forbid!) I will not hesitate to return to India to your competent care and the wonderful  hospital and caring and compassionate sisters".


G.L, Penticton

January 2007

Ultrasound guided cystoscopic repair of intra operative ureteral injury

“I am very thankful to Apollo Hospital, Chennai and Surgical Tourism Canada for arranging my surgery which has given me freedom from several months of pain and discomfort. My stay at the hospital and the attention and care that I received were excellent. A Canadian Company, a patient from Abu Dhabi and a world class facility in India, this is truly amazing  "Healthcare without borders" at it's best! Thank you once again STC". 

I.P , Abu Dhabi, UAE

January 2007

Ultrasound guided Circumferential Tumescent Liposuction

"I thank Surgical Tourism Canada , for arranging my liposuction procedure at the Apollo Hospital, Chennai. The Surgeon and Staff at the hospital exceeded my expectations in every way. They were highly professional, courteous and caring in their attitude. I am fully satisfied with the care I received at Apollo Chennai and would not hesitate to go there again for any further procedures that I may need".

A.R, Vancouver BC.

January 2007

Knee Arthroscopy

Our client from Alberta underwent a successful  knee Arthroscopy at our partner facility in BC and has recovered very well.

December 2006

Comprehensive health check

"I underwent a comprehensive master health check at the Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. All laboratory investigations,    X rays, ECG, and all other investigations were conducted within one day and I was handed my complete medical records at the end of the day. I was able to meet with a number of specialists to review my various reports and was given a clean bill of health. One cannot imagine such a quick and efficient service here in Canada. Thanks to Surgical Tourism Canada for arranging this service for me".

M.D, Vancouver BC

October 2006

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

On Oct 4th 2006 I was told that I needed a knee replacement, Dr. Oliver, my Surgeon here in Canada, then told me he had a One year wait list for knee replacements.  I asked if this could be done in a private clinic.  I was told that it could not be done because they are not allowed to do any procedure that required you to stay in recovery for more than 23 hours.  He recommended I go to the United States.


On Oct 5th I called the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and was informed it would cost between US$50,000 to US$60,000 U.S. for the operation which didn't include physiotherapy.  Well, that was out of the question so then I remembered an article in the Penticton Herald.  It was about a lady who had gone to India to have an operation, so my husband looked up on the internet and found the e-mail address for Surgical Tourism Canada.  I wrote an e-mail explaining my problem and asked if there was a package price.  I got a reply back in 2 hours with a price of Cdn$13,500.00 which included flights from Vancouver to Mumbai, a stay over in Singapore with  a city tour. 

The operation and hospital stay, all meals and a 5 star hotel to recover in and continue to get my much need physiotherapy. 

On Oct 6th my husband and I agreed to go to India for the operation, and Yasmeen Sayeed of Surgical Tourism Canada, went to work to make all the arrangements come together. 

We left on Oct 19th for India, we were met at the Airport in Mumbai and taken to the Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai  We were placed in a suite with all amenities.  The next day we met the hospital staff and Dr. Malhan who was doing my knee replacement.  He sent me for more x-rays and a MRI on my back, and complete blood work up.  I had paid for a MRI on my knee in Canada which I had brought with me.  On Oct. 24th the day before the operation I was taken down for a echo cardiogram.  I had never had that done before an operation in Canada or the United States.  It is a standard procedure in India and everyone has one before surgery.  My surgery went well and I was up walking the 2nd day.  Physiotherapy started the 3rd day.  I was in the hospital for 7 days. We were then moved to a 5 star hotel called the Taj President, where I continued to get my physiotherapy.  I was treated like the most important guest in the hotel. 

I arrived back in Penticton B.C. on Nov 13th.  I have been told that I am doing great for only being operated on 25th of Oct. The Physiotherapist here in Canada said I didn't need to come back for 2 weeks, and my GP said I was doing great.

I would recommend going to India for surgery to anyone, who is in pain and having to wait for any length of time to have their surgery done here in Canada.  And I also would recommend going through Surgical Tourism Canada as they are so helpful and make the trip as pleasant as possible.

Thanks again for everything Yasmeen.

J.O,  Penticton, BC

September 2006

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

"I am very happy with the surgical outcome and extremely pleased with my surgeon, Dr. Malhan. The care that I received at the Wockhardt Hospital was excellent. I will not hesitate to go back to rectify my other leg".

N.C, Chatham, Ontario

July 2006

Cervical fusion and Stabilization

I Just returned from Chennai, India, where I went for a cervical fusion and stabilization at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.  In BC, where I live, this surgery would not be performed as it "could make things worse" and was considered unnecessary by the Surgeons here. If I had been able to have this fusion, I would have had to wait from one to two years.  

I received the best treatment I have ever had, in the hospital under the experienced care of Dr. Sajan Hegde then in a four star hotel, where I rested and also at a beach-front resort, where I started to live again.  This whole package was wonderfully and expertly put together by Yasmeen Sayeed of Surgical Tourism Canada.

As of now I have only taken the occasional pain killer, while for years I have been on massive amounts of narcotics, morphine, and other strong pain-killers.

I know it will take months for my surgery pain to go away, but both my husband and I (he received a complimentary check-up at Apollo Hospital) feel totally satisfied with the service Surgical Tourism Canada provided for us. 

G.L, Penticton, BC .

July 2006

Comprehensive health check and cardiac investigations

Our Client from Penticton, BC, underwent a fully comprehensive health check and cardiac investigations at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, India.

R.L, Penticton, BC

March 2006

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery

I had laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery for weight loss in March 2006 at the Apollo-Hospital Hyderabad, India. The Management and staff were very helpful and assisted us with everything, even rescheduling our flight back home (earlier, because I was doing so well). My husband came with me and could stay in the hospital room with me. Overall we were treated like royalty. The doctors were excellent. The workup before the operation was done in 2 days and was very efficient. The hospital was clean and well-staffed. I am very happy with my decision to go to India and would do it again any time if I needed to. I wish Surgical Tourism Canada the very best in their venture and I am sure they will be able to help many more Canadians like me.  (This particular case was not facilitated by STC, however this patient has kindly agreed to publish her testimonial on behalf of Apollo Hospitals to make prospective client's aware of this particular procedure.)

C.S, Middle Sackville, NS.  

May 2006

Comprehensive Master Health Check Up and CT Angio

Thank you STC, for arranging  my diagnosis and treatment at Apollo Hospitals, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Colombo is indeed one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed and efficiency of the service that I received at the hospital. The investigations for which I had waited for several months in Canada were all completed within three days of my arrival. I have realized that, had I not utilized your services in the nick of time my health would have deteriorated considerably. I have now been given a treatment plan and will return to Canada after a few days of rest in this beautiful land. Thank you once again.

S.S, Burnaby, British Columbia

March 2006

Spinal Discektomy and Fusion

Our client, a  41 year old lady from Ontario had a successful Spine Surgery at the Wockhardt Hospital, Bombay and is making good progress.

M.M, Ontario 

February 2006

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Our Client from Kamloops, BC, utilized our services and underwent a successful Birmingham  Hip Resurfacing surgery on February 23, 2006 at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. 

W.Z, Kamloops BC

December 2005

Cervical Spine Discektomy, Disc Replacement and Fusion

In May 2005 I discovered that I had developed degenerative disc problems in my cervical spine. This is part of the aging process, but in my case the degeneration was further compounded by the fact that I had developed poor posture from sitting over a computer for long hours.  A cervical x-ray was taken to determine the cause of my extremely severe pain in the left shoulder arm and fingers.  My GP prescribed narcotic painkillers for me. My family doctor made a referral for me to see a Neuro Surgeon so that options could be explored.  Well that was eight months ago.  As of the present time, I am told it might be another 2-3 months before my appointment.  Living on narcotic painkillers really messed me up big time.  I knew some thing had to be done, but what?  I do not know any important people who could help me out.

In November 2005, I read an interesting article in Readers Digest called “Sun, Surf and Surgery.  This article basically said that there are alternatives to the long consultation and surgery wait lists that are now infamous in Canada.  After reading the article twice or so, I contacted Yasmeen Sayeed, of Surgical Tourism Canada in Vancouver.  Yasmeen very clearly indicated that there are options available to ordinary working Canadians.

After a few e-mails and lengthy phone conversations, including one from Dr. Sajan Hegde, Consultant Spine Surgeon, who called me at home for a forty five minute discussion on the type of surgery that he could perform.   After that call, I knew that I had to do something.   I was to take a monster step in my life and travel to India for surgery.  India, that is on the other side of the world, so far from my little New Brunswick town.  Yasmeen Sayeed, in no uncertain terms was my guiding light through the whole process.  She reassured me countless times that I would do well.  Yasmeen, in my mind is an extremely dedicated and extremely caring individual.

Upon arrival at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, my every concern was addressed. It was not uncommon to have five to seven senior medical staff in my room at one time.  They would be checking me over for the next test or asking what I wished for dinner or just checking up on me. 

I can honestly say that my surgeon, Dr. Sajan Hegde is a top-notch surgeon, who is extremely knowledgeable and a truly caring professional.  He went the extra mile for me.

I cannot say enough about the hospital staff from the nurses who are all young but qualified registered nurses, to the coordinator of the International patient program, every one was extremely helpful and kind. Upon discharge, the hospital transferred me to one of the nicest hotels in Chennai for a few days, and then I was taken to a five star resort about one hour from the city for further recovery.  In closing, I can say it was truly a lifetime experience.

D.T, Sackville, New Brunswick

November 2005

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

STC arranged  a successful Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, India, for our client, a 49 year old gentleman. The surgery was very successful and he has now returned to his full time employment. A detailed article about his positive experiences was published in the National Press.

S.H, Duncan, British Columbia

October 2005

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

I used the services of Yasmeen at Surgical Tourism Canada for my BHR. Dr.Bose, from the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, did a BHR on my left hip. I cannot say enough about Dr.Bose, from his surgical Expertise to his kind patient personality. My scar, if you can find it because it is hard to see is 11 cm or just under 4.5 inches. The hospital staff are unbelievably kind. They are always concerned. When a person rings the nurse call button a nurse comes in less than a minute and usually less than 30 seconds. Anyone who is considering Hip resurfacing out of the country should consider India very seriously. Just to be clear about something, wages are cheaper in India so there is always a staff person looking to help you if you want. All the people that I have met here in India have been unbelievably nice. Very soft spoken, kind, understanding and ready to serve. If there is any thought that because India is less expensive it may not be as good, I would like to say you can go elsewhere and pay more but you will be throwing your money away. After having completed my BHR I can honestly say that I would not go anywhere else. I have to really, really express my gratitude to Yasmeen and Dr.Bose. They both certainly went way, way, way above and beyond spending extra time making me feel totally comfortable.

E.C., Abbottsford, British Columbia, 

September 2005

Master Health Check up

I had my master health check done recently at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai through the services of STC. In less than 3 hours I was checked up completely, Physical, Blood work, X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound, MRI and the latest technology has to offer, a 64 slice CT scan. Extremely professional and efficient team. It was almost impossible or a very long wait to get an appointment from the Specialist here at home and my health was deteriorating rapidly .These tests would have taken me at least 6-8 months to do here in Canada. My Physician could prescribe medicines immediately. This is the best money I have ever spent.

M.S, Vancouver, British Columbia

June 2005

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

I am biking, hiking, running….. These simple joys of life was a distant dream for me just a few months ago. I had my hips resurfaced at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and I am enjoying my life again. I am Sure that Surgical Tourism Canada will be the Beacon of Hope in providing such services to people in pain. Congratulations!

M.L.R, California,USA